Enhancement Services

Bring your scenarios to life…

Need a video or custom graphic for your next crisis exercise?

What are Enhancement Services?

The days of the PowerPoint text based tabletop exercises are over (or should be!). Having your team sitting around a table staring at bullet pointed slides is a sure way to disengage your audience and in turn, less is learned. So why not add some dynamic visuals, a breaking news story or perhaps a radio broadcast?
  • A Breaking News Video or Special Report will engage your audience
  • Representing Social Media will challenge your communications team
  • Web News and Print News are an engaging and realistic way to present information and facts
  • Your company’s name above the fold of an actual newspaper adds high impact to your exercise
  • Voicemails, radio broadcasts, and other audio injects add an additional layer of realism to your scenario

Check out some examples of our video, audio, and custom graphics below.

Video Services

Breaking News, Special Reports, & More

Many times we get the first hint of an unfolding situation by turning on the morning or evening news. We learn of an impending storm, a new cyber threat, or perhaps a pandemic in the works. Even if your organization has not been impacted yet, the information provided can be used to plan ahead. 
To break up the monotony of the text based injects, a breaking news story can be a great way to present information regarding an unfolding situation. Besides, hearing your organizations name in a breaking news story or special report can be jolting to say the least.

Video pricing starts at $1,197.00

Check out some video examples →

Custom Graphics & Manipulated Imagery

The possibilities are endless...

Your company is trending on Twitter during a crisis, or irate customers are posting to your company’s Facebook page. Read what the public is saying…plan how you will respond. Adding simulated social media tweets and posts creates an intensity and pace reflective of a real crisis response situation.  It’s one thing to read that there is an explosion and fire in a chemical tank at your facility, it’s another thing to see what the actual fire might look like. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Graphics pricing starts at $300.00

Check out some examples of our custom graphics →

Audio Services

Get Creative With Audio injects

A call is received from a concerned family member who hasn’t been able to get in touch with one of your employees. To hear an actual voicemail has much more impact than reading the words on a slide.  Hurricane scenario…power is out, and all you have is your radio.  Why not add a radio news broadcast?  Get creative with audio!

Audio pricing starts at $300.00

Check out some audio examples →