Crisis Exercise Injects

To run the scenario, you will need injects and data. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

Injects are basically the many individual parts of the scenario you have developed. For example if you have developed a scenario to examine your contingency response to a hurricane at your facility the first inject could be a media weather report of a tropical depression that is developing into a hurricane. The next inject would be a follow-on report of the hurricane tracking toward your area. Injects link the simulated event to the actions that you want people to take. They provide unity to the exercise and are provided by controllers to drive the scenario. Injects usually happen regardless of the actions of the players. For example, a simulated road emergency could impair the ability to evacuate via a key road. This is an inject because the exercise controller would inform the players at a pre-set time that this simulated event has taken place, regardless of the actions of the players. These are several ways injects can be provided:

  • Verbally (by simulating the originator)
  • By phone, fax (digital), email or radio
  • Written, by handing out the inject (the best way in cases where there is a language barrier)
  • Visually (e.g., pictures, videos, etc.)
  • Through an exercise delivery application such as LaunchPAD

Data is given only when the players take appropriate actions to acquire the information or there is already a process in place to automatically provide the data. All information needed but not actually available must be simulated. To understand what data will be required, ask yourself the following questions during the planning stages:

  • What will the players do as a result of this inject?
  • What information or data will they need?
  • Will that data be available?
  • Is it essential for their performance?
  • In what form is it normally obtained? It is very important to the scenario credibility factor that data is provided in the form that it would normally be obtained using their own standard procedures. This will enhance the value of the exercise.

There are various ways of providing simulated exercise data. The simple rule is: try to find a way that most resembles reality.

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