What are Enhancement Services?

The days of the PowerPoint text based tabletop exercises are over (or should be!). Having your team sitting around a table staring at bullet pointed slides is a sure way to disengage your audience and in turn, less is learned. Many organizations spend a lot of time planning and organizing these exercises, senior leaders, upper management, and busy employees take time out of their schedules to participate, so why bore them with a PowerPoint presentation? It is not valuable time well spent.

So how will your scenario benefit from our Enhancement Services?

  • It’s one thing to read that there is an explosion and fire in a chemical tank at your facility, it’s another thing to see what the actual fire might look like. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Which way is the smoke blowing? Is there a chance because of the wind direction the fire could spread to other areas of the facility? How might this information impact the community and your response?
  • A call is received from a concerned family member who hasn’t been able to get in touch with one of your employees. To hear an actual voicemail has much more impact than reading the words on a slide.
  • Your company is trending on Twitter during a crisis, or irate customers are posting to your company’s Facebook page. Read what the public is saying…plan how you will respond. Adding simulated social media tweets and posts creates an intensity and pace reflective of a real crisis response situation.


We separate our Enhancement Services into the following four categories:

Video: Video injects are generally breaking news or special news reports, but custom videos are available as well.

Audio: Audio injects include news radio, voice mails and podcasts.

Manipulated Imagery: Your photos can be manipulated to show damage due to fire, storms, explosions, etc.

Custom Graphics: Our customs graphics include simulated social media, like Twitter and Facebook, weather graphics, stock graphics, maps, newspapers, and web news, just to name a few.

Click HERE for more information on our Inject Enhancement services and how they can benefit your scenario.