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Next Training Exercise

Need a Simulated Breaking News Video for your next crisis exercise?

The Benefits of Simulated Breaking News:

  • Adds shocking realism to your scenarios
  • A sure way to engage your audience
  • Interesting way to present information on an unfolding emergency
  • Your company’s name in the news adds impact to your scenario
  • Challenge your communication and PR teams
  • For even more benefits, check out this BLOG
Check out an example of our simulated breaking news →
Just follow the 3 simple steps below...
Click HERE to place your secure order. Can’t pay online? No Problem! We have two ways to pay, and are happy to send you an invoice so you can pay by check.
Fill out our form with your script of 850 characters or less, along with up to two high-resolution images to be used in the over-the-shoulder graphic.  See “Script & Graphic Information” for some examples.
In approximately 2 weeks, you will receive your simulated news video download link where you have the option to download both SD and HD versions of your video.


  • Breaking News Scripts should be 850 characters (with spaces) or less, completely edited, and ready to film. Your scripts will be filmed exactly as they are written.  Your scripts should include “GNN Breaking News” and name of the female reporter.
  • Please provide us with your news headline (up to 28 characters).
  • Please provide us with the location of the newsroom (city only), as well as the time of the news broadcast.
  • Please provide pronunciation for difficult to pronounce or odd words.

See below for some examples

Example Breaking News script – 74 words (429 characters / with spaces)

“Good morning, this is GNN Breaking News, I’m Jane Smith. A fire has broken out in a ten-story office building on Lakeshore Drive this morning, forcing hundreds to evacuate. Fire crews are on the scene battling the blaze. It is believed the fire started around 9:15am in an 8th floor office, and quickly spread to neighboring offices. We have crews on the scene, and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.”

Example Breaking News script – 103 words (608 characters / with spaces)

“Hello, welcome to this breaking news, I’m Lauren Nelson with GNN. Residents of southwestern Florida are on high alert and expected to feel the effects of Hurricane Elena as forecasters say it will strengthen Friday night. A tropical storm or hurricane watch will likely be required for other areas of Florida later in the day. The National Hurricane Center said at 5:00 a.m., Elena’s maximum sustained winds remained at 100 miles per hour with higher gusts, but some strengthening is possible over the next 24 to 36 hours. We will keep you posted on this impending storm as more information become available.”


Over-the-shoulder graphics are .jpg or .png images provided by you to be added to your simulated news video.  All images should be good quality and high-resolution.  You may add up to 2 images. over-the-shoulder

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