An Exercise Delivery Platform

LaunchPAD - A dynamic and cost-effective way to design, deliver, and evaluate your own crisis, emergency, business continuity and security exercises. LaunchPAD allows you to design and deliver your own exercises with all the features of a big-budget training exercise but without the big-budget cost. You can use your existing PowerPoint scenario and let LaunchPAD bring it to life, or you can work with one of our exercise design specialists who will help you design and build a customized, dynamic, and engaging training exercise that meets your organization’s requirements.


LaunchPAD was designed to be fully responsive and accessible across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Global Participation

LaunchPAD can be accessed from anywhere as long as the participant or observer has access to an internet connection.


All LaunchPAD user sites are secured via an encrypted SSL connection.

Targeted Injects

Using LaunchPAD’s access control system, injects can be sent to specific groups and individuals.

[infopopup:users]Up to 5Up to 20Up to 50
[infopopup:scenarios]Up to 2Up to 61 Free* +11
[infopopup:injects]Up to 15Up to 20Up to 30
Scenario Provided Annually1 with up to 20 Injects
Inject Enhancement Services
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Annual License$4,740$10,740$23,940
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