Be Better Prepared to Communicate During a Crisis

What you'll learn in this course...


  • Learn how to create a crisis communication plan
  • Learn how to identify brand damaging scenarios
  • Learn how to implement crisis response strategies
  • Learn how to create a crisis communication team capability
  • and much more…

“A Crisis Communications Plan informs everyone in an organization, from a senior manager in headquarters, to the receptionist in a remote location, how to identify, prevent, and respond to a crisis.” ~ David Kalson – Course Author




Some 40% organizations don’t have a crisis plan, and their unpreparedness is a grave mistake. But even the crisis plans that many organizations do have are deficient. The reason is that their plans focus only on operations, and they give limited or no attention to communications.

“Introduction to Crisis Communications Plans” shows the importance of having operations well coordinated with communications in crisis planning and how to make a crisis communications plan an essential component of the overall crisis plan.


More About This Course

This course is designed for communications professionals and anyone in an organization who would like to learn why and how to implement crisis communications for effective crisis plans and crisis management.


  • The duties of communications professionals in preparing crisis plans and ensuring that operations and communications are coordinated.
  • The process for communications professionals to use in identifying the crisis scenarios that, if they were to occur, would cause the most damage to the organization.
  • How to prepare communications strategies and tactics for each of the identified highest-priority crisis scenarios.
  • How to strategically disseminate Crisis Plans and their Communications Component to convey the importance of the plans to its recipients.

Length: 60 Minutes

Course Resources:

  • Template for Planning Crisis Communications for Individual Crisis Scenarios
  • Public Statement Guide and Template
  • Template for Categorizing Crisis Scenarios

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Lesson 3 – Audiences and the Early Warning System

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Crisis Communications Course

- Level Two -


*Level one – Introduction to Crisis Communications Plans, must be completed before taking this level two course.

This more advanced course will cover topics such as…

  • Crisis messaging
  • Your audiences – both internal and external
  • Making employees the eyes and ears of your organization, both before and during a crisis
  • Preparing crisis document templates that can be quickly finalized during a crisis
  • The crucial role of spokespersons, their training and their rehearsals
  • Preparing Q&As for crisis scenarios
  • Case studies from two recent corporate crises
  • How social media plays a significant role in ever crisis
  • Social media do’s and don’ts during crises