An Introduction to Emergency Operations Centers

To all corporate crisis, emergency, security, communication and business continuity professionals:

  • Do you need to understand how to set up an Emergency Operations Center or War Room?
  • Are you trying to understand how EOC’s are managed during an emergency?
  • Does your EOC not functional as well as it should?

Understanding how to set up and manage an Emergency Operations Center or War Room can be a daunting task. PreparedEx’s team of readiness specialists have years of experience from careers in the military and the emergency response community. Discover how these industry leaders have created a course that provides you with the necessary tools and information that will enable you to create an Emergency Operations Center. Their wealth of knowledge and practical expertise are transferred in this online course through a series of lessons that guide you through the necessary steps to start designing and managing your existing or new Emergency Operations Centers.

This eLearning course is made up of ten lessons with one or more topics within each lesson. Some lessons have a quiz and others don’t.

Course Lessons:

  1. Course Introduction: An overview of the course and a storyline.
  2. Purpose of the EOC: In this topic we discuss the primary reasons EOC’s are created and used.
  3. EOC Staffing Factors to Consider: Understand what it takes to staff an EOC.
  4. Organizing the EOC: This topic focuses on how to best organize the EOC.
  5. Determining Communications Needs: EOC communications are essential. This topic helps you define what your requirements might be.
  6. Determining Information, Systems and Equipment Needs: This topic provides an insight into what information, systems and equipment requirements the EOC should consider.
  7. Designing the EOC: This topic covers the main factors involved in designing and locating an EOC.
  8. Activating and Deactivating the EOC: Implementing a formal activation and deactivation process is essential.
  9. EOC Operations: Learn how to manage an EOC in the midst of a crisis.
  10. Test, Training and Exercises for EOC Operations: This topic talks about the importance of integrating your EOC into your training and exercise programs.

There is a final quiz at the end of the course that requires a score of 75% or higher to receive your certificate of completion. Don’t worry, we give you three attempts.

Certificate: A course certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the course

Course Resources:

  • Private-Sector Coordination Support Document
  • FEMA EOC Assessment Check List

Length: 60 to 90 Minutes (Average)

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